Shower Rooms

An ideal space saving feature for the modern bathroom, a shower room gives you more space for other features in the bathroom or to extend bedrooms. Quite a lot of people now have hectic lifestyles so the luxury of having time for a bath is not as common and with this we have seen an increase in the number of shower rooms we install.

Shower rooms have an enclosed area of the bathroom to keep the rest of the room dry and contain the water in the shower draining area. This is oppose to a wet room which has a shower in and the water slopes into a draining area within the bathroom.

Our Specialist Shower Service

What sets us apart from other shower fitting companies is our willingness to go the extra mile and really enhance our skill set. This includes our ability to fit showers in over 40 different shapes and sizes of enclosures.

This service is especially useful for the less abled and elderly who require specialist bathroom and shower layouts and may struggle for a company to offer the unique shower fitting service we do. In short we can fit showers to suite bathroom shapes and sizes for everyone.

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